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Laukvik (Laukvika) is a small fishing village on Austvågøya, approximately 35 km outside Svolvær. Regions on the "outside" of Lofoten with a fantastic view to the open ocean and the Midnight Sun. The village is known for Laukvik-day and World Championships in topless tobogganing. Northern Lights Observatory (Polarlightcenter) is also something that attracts people to the village. Yet it is enough nature itself that lures tourists - where the big attraction is with the midnight sun from the pier.

Culturally may village boasts Stangerholmen, an artwork of the rare. It is a house that was built in the 1880s and is covered with decorations by the artist Henning Welford. In summer, tourists and others visit the house and go on tour there. It is one of few remaining houses of this type in Northern Norway.

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