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You will find information about Aquarium´s below. Experience exciting and educational experience for adults as well as kids. Small folks in particular will enjoy our low tanks where one may view the fish from above. For further information contact the local tourist information office. Prices vary, and groups and families often receive discounts.


Here at the Bergen Aquarium you will meet famous local personalities like Vitus, Dodraugen and Ping Kong. You can also experience the great atmosphere created by the young and old citizens of Bergen who keep coming back to say hello to the animals - and to meet each other. Since 1960, the aquarium has formed a vibrant part of our local identity.

In more than 60 large and small aquariums you can watch in fascination all the weird and wonderful things that go on beneath the surface at close quarters. In addition to getting to know the cod, and all the other creatures that live along the Norwegian coast, you can meet animals like crocodiles, snakes, turtles and silk monkeys in our new tropical section.

In the cinema you can watch the spectacular 3D film SOS planet, as well as the classic Ivo Caprino film about the Bergen Aquarium, Bergen and the Norwegian coast. In summer, you can also attend concerts and musical performances of local music that is steeped in history. If you get hungry, or just need a short rest, you can visit the café or the restaurant.


Only a few minutes by car from the center of Ålesund, where Breisundet meets the Atlantic ocean, you can find Atlanterhavsparken, one of the largest saltwater-aquariums in northern Europe. Here at Tueneset you will find an architectural gem, integrated into the coastal nature between ocean and land, officially opened by the Norwegian King and Queen in 1998. Atlanterhavsparken is situated in the midst of a scenic area with hiking paths, monuments, fishing grounds, and a beach where you can go swimming or scubadiving. The area also has a wonderful view of the surrounding islands and vast ocean!


Exciting meeting place between sea and dry land. The first aquarium in Kabelvåg was established in 1931 and was open to the public until its closure in 1985 for safety reasons.

The present aquarium, with its unique architecture and attractive location, was opened in 1989 and attracts over 50.000 visitors annually. At the Lofoten Aquarium you have the chance to study our exiting marine life, with fish and sea mammals from Lofoten and the North Norwegian coastline. Here you can explore living creatures from their habitat by the water´s edge to the deepest depths of the sea, while at the same time gaining insight into the marine ecosystem.

With its 23 large and small aquarium tanks, the Lofoten Aquarium caters for all ranges.


Housed in a very distinctive building that represents ice floes that have been pressed up on land by the rough seas of the Arctic, you will discover Polaria, just five minutes walk from the centre of Tromsø. Polaria has an Arctic aquarium, interesting knowledge-based exhibits, a panoramic cinema, and a gift and souvenir shop.

In our panoramic cinema, you can look forward to the Ivo Caprino film Svalbard - Arctic Wilderness. A little auk takes you on an airborne trip with you in a helicopter, along the west coast of Spitsbergen - the largest island in the group known as Svalbard.

After the film visitors are taken along the Arctic Walkway where you can experience first hand some elements of Arctic nature - a snowstorm, a dozing polar bear, the tundra and the Northern Lights (Aurora). In the aquarium the main attraction are the bearded seals. The bearded seal is an arctic species, and they are very popular among children and adults alike, due to their quiet disposition and intelligent nature. The aquarium has interesting exhibits of the most common species of fish in the Barents Sea.


Risør is located on the southern coast of Norway, half way between Oslo and Kristiansand. This region ranks among the most popular destinations for holiday makers in the summer. You may enjoy lazy days beach combing or go for various organized activities as horseback riding, beaver safaris, fishing (fresh and sea water), festivals, art exhibitions/cultural heritage tours and enjoy scenic trips and picturesque towns.

The Risør Aquarium opened the summer of 1996 and presents an exciting and educational experience for adults as well as kids. Small folks in particular will enjoy our low tanks where one may view the fish from above. You may even pet a cod or hand feed a flounder! We display a large number of common fish species and other marine creatures. We´ve got 25 tanks altogether. Five are large ones, of which four are open tanks and one is closed. The closed tank holds sea wolves (catfish) and Conger eels, which are strictly don´t touch species! Six medium sized tanks hold smaller fish. One of these may be viewed through a window from outside the main entrance. We have set up a display consisting of 14 smaller aquariums to present an up-close view of specific specimens.


Sognefjord Aquarium is a marine activity centre situated in the middle of Balestrand. Here one can study more than 100 different species from the Sognefjordfjord.

Sognefjord Aquarium is comprised of a number of large and small aquaria, indoors and outside on the jetty. We have special aquariums exhibiting lip fish, Esefjord herring, eels, and sharks. The aquarium also shows the activity in the tidal belt as the the tide recedes, and which species act as the fjords´ sanitary workers. We have created authentic fjord environments such as the tidal belt at Munken, the sandy seabed around Staken, and the area off the boathouse. There is a model of the Sognefjord which shows the current and circulation patterns of the fjord and additionally provides an impression of depth.


The Aquarium at Drøbak tells about the life in Oslofjorden with over 1000 different species. As the most of the fish is the water also from Drøbaksundet.


Located in Elverum this Aquarium shows more than 40 different species. The Aquarium is called Fra fjell til fjære.



Drøbak Aquarium


Bergen Aquarium


Norsk Skogmuseum Aquarium




Risør Aquarium


Sognefjord Aquarium


Lofoten Aquarium