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Panorama picture from Nordkapp Municipality in Norway


In beautiful surroundings 34 km north-west of Honningsvåg, you will find the fishing village of Gjesvær, with approx. 220 inhabitants. It was not until 1976 that a road connected the village with the rest of the island. Up until then, you had to take local boats to get to and from the site. Already in the Viking Age, Gjesvær was known as a trading post and fish station and was presumably the first site at Magerøy which had a permanent settlement.

From the early Middle Ages and up to the last century, the village was one of the largest and richest fishing villages in Finnmark. From here, you have a magnificent view to "The mother with her daughters" - Gjesværstappan - an island group with one of Northern Norway's largest bird rocks. In the summer season, daily bird safaris are organised - don't miss it. It is also possible to spend the night and get something to eat in Gjesvær.