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Panorama picture from Nordkapp Municipality in Norway


Kamøyvær is located 12 km from Honningsvåg, along the road to the North Cape, at the end of Kamøyfjorden. It was not until the turn-of-the-century that people settled here, and today about 150 people live in the fishing village. Kamøyvær was the focus for a modest "migration" about 90 years ago. Fishing families moved here from the weather-exposed coasts along the Arctic Ocean, sea Sami settled down here and from the east came immigrants from the Finnish forests.

Three different cultures met and three different languages could be heard on the quays of Kamøyvær. In time, the Norwegian language came to dominate, and today ethnic differences have almost disappeared. You will find a number of private rooms for rent and two charming guesthouses. Interested in a good portion of fresh fish? then you should definitely visit one of the restaurants on the square. In nice weather, take a boat excursion to the bird rock at "Store Kamøya" outside of the fishing village - your hosts will gladly organise such a trip.