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Panorama picture from Nordkapp Municipality in Norway


Skarsvåg with its approx. 170 inhabitants is not just the northernmost town on Magerøya, but also "The world's northernmost fishing village"! From here, it is 14 km to the North Cape. Three camping sites with all modern facilities and a tourist hotel are in place to ensure you a pleasant stay. In addition, you will also find a number of private persons renting rooms. After a half-hour walk along a marked path, you will arrive at the fascinating mountain formation "Kirkeporten". From here, you have a unique view toward the North Cape, which is thought to be a pre-Christian Sami sacrificial site. But don't forget to take a trip and experience a Northern Norwegian fishing village from "the inside". In the winter, there are snowmobile tours to the North Cape plateau from Skarsvåg.

On the last stage toward the North Cape, you pass by one of the Sami campsites belonging to one of the Sami families who bring their reindeer to Magerøya in the summer to graze.