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Panorama picture from Tromsø Municipality in Norway


In addition Tromsø is home to the northernmost university and college in the world with some 7.500 students. The people of Tromsø know how to go out on town and let their hair down, and their town has plenty to offer in the way of nightlife. Inevitabely, the young population gives Tromsø a hallmark as a lively town with a rich cultural life and nightlife.

The numerous cafes, bars, discos and restaurants give room to some 21.000 hungry and thirsty guests. Pretty good, considering the total number of people living in what is often refered to as Paris of the North. Nevertheless, most waterholes and restaurants are popular with the citizens and the many visitors. Tromsø has a rich, active and varied cultural scene. Theatre thrives despite lacking funds and apt venues to perform.

Musically Tromsø has over the latest years harbinged some internationally renowned names such as Bel Canto, Geir Jensen, Anneli Drecker, Lene Marlin, Espen Lind and Aggie Frost.