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Tysnes in Norway Tysnes municipality coat of arms


255,2 km2

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The municipality of Tysnes is a group of islands south of Bergen. Tysnes have approximately 3.000 inhabitants and cover a area of 255,2 km2 and lies in Hordaland. Tysnes has traditionally been a farm-, fishing-, and seafaring municipality. Today farming is still relatively strong, but a the majority of the sailors have started working in the North Sea (oil). Tysnes has for over a hundred years been one of the most popular vacation spots in the southwest of Norway. This can be contributed to its wonderful nature and clean environment. Along the coastline, travelers by boat will find many well hidden places behind inlets and islands with beaches and good fishing places. Varied vegetation, hilly terrain, mountains, water, woods and long seashores give a foundation for rich animal and bird life.

The nature is characterized by shiny slopes of naked rock and fields of heather in the west to exuberant forests in the east, lowland and its shores which includes nice and sheltered swimming places, to the mountains with great ski- and hiking grounds and panorama view to the mountains around Bergen. One can enjoy mountain plateaus and altitudes that exceed 750 m.a.o. One can also enjoy the sight of the Folgefonna glacier in the east, and all the beautiful islands out in the great ocean to the south and west.

There are many active associations and clubs on Tysnes. Bands, choirs, sports teams, boat organizations, and rifle clubs are some of the activities one can join. Tysnes also has good village environments with for example theater groups. Many of the villages have their own schools and community centers. The fish farming industry has increased sharply on Tysnes since the mid eighties. Employment has increased, tourists are welcome to come fish their own salmon while vacationing on Tysnes. The most famous wood boat builder in Norway, Harald Dalland, builds his boats on his farm on Tysnes. He has gotten international attention for his astonishing detailed work. There are many small establishements on Tysnes, but also plenty room for more.

The villages of Tysnes is Uggdal, Lunde, Tysnesbygda, Våge, Onarheim and Reksteren. Most of the villages on Tysnes have grocery shops. In Uggdal, Våge, Lunde and Årbakka one can find gas stations, and several smaller shops sell gas and diesel for cars and boats. Many of the gas stations on Tysnes sell other equipment, like sports- and electrical equipment. There are post offices in Uggdal, Våge, Lunde, Årbakka, Onarheim and Reksteren. Tysnes Sparebank is the only bank on Tysnes and has its main office in Uggdal. The bank also has branches in Våge and Lunde. The main office and the branch Våge includes a cash dispenser.

Tysnes has good communication possibilities by the help of ferry boats, catamarans and buses. The road net is well developed, and the main island is connected to the mainland by a bridge across Lukksund. Reksteren and Tysnes are also connected by bridges. The main connection south is the ferry across Hodnanes and further on to Jektevik. One can take this road south to Haugesund and Stavanger, or one can travel over Haukeli to the east of Norway (RV11). The ferry from Hodnanes to Jektevik takes ten minutes and departs many times from six in the morning until eleven at night.

The main connection north goes by the ferry from Våge to Halhjem and Bergen. Before one reaches Bergen, one can turn east on Euroroad E16 via Sogn to the east of Norway. The ferry ride from Våge to Halhjem takes forty minutes and departs between six in the morning and ten at night. The township / municipality is tied to the catamaran connection which stops on Malkenes and Nymark. One can travel north and south this way twice a day. Northward one gets to Os and by bus on to Bergen. Southwards one reaches Kvinnherad and Stord.

All the villages on Tysnes are tied together by buses, and they also travel across the Lukksund bridge to the mainland and Kvinnherad daily. Across the bridge one can continue on to Bergen and Hardanger. Travelers who come from east of Norway and want to see the Hardangervidda (famous glacier) and the Vøringfossen (impressive waterfall), can travel along the Hardangerfjord and across the Lukksund bridge to Tysnes.


The municipality administration is at Uggdal. In Uggdal there is a big burial mound descending from the Iron Age. There are old stone roads and paths which leads us through the old burial mounds. By looking at the road, one also realizes that there used to be old roads connecting the different little villages in historic times.


Våge has the biggest grocery shops selection in shops, where one can find places that sell shoes, clothing, furniture, and electrical equipment. Våge also has a seafood shop and a book shop.


The islands Reksteren and Skorpo are tied to the main island by bridges. The main connection south is the ferry from Hodnanes on to Jektevik on the island of Stord. North the connection goes by ferry from Våge to Halhjem and Bergen. The Tysnes Island is connected to the mainland on the east side by a great bridge across Lukksund, and one can continue on to Bergen or Hardanger on this road. The township are also tied together by the catamarans which stop on Malkenes and Nymark.


The holy water Vevatne in Lunde signifies that the water and the village during the Norse period, was a holy area and a center for their religion. The mysticism around Vevatne has made both Norwegians and foreigners alike curious about what old secrets the holy water is hiding. One of the most special memorials from the Iron Age on Tysnes is Årbakkavodlen. There have been more than 20 burial mounds and at least 6 stone monuments. It is still possible to see that this place must have been special, and it is natural to tie this to the "Harudane" people and their religion. Lunde village has various shops in the Lunde Center. Some of the shops also sell fishing- and sports equipment.


You can rent a boat and go fishing in the fjord or around the skerries further out to sea. There are also several freshwaters with good fishing opportunities close by. There there are many good fishing spots, with enough areas for people to use small trolling lines or to fish in deeper water.


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